Who are We?

Jon is an experienced sailor, with over 35 years of blue water sailing under his belt.  After sailing small sailboats on the Great Lakes around Ohio, Michigan and Minnesota, Jon and a couple of friends bought a Catalina 22′ sloop and sailed it on Lake Erie on weekends and after work.  Their sailing adventures took them from Toledo to Port Clinton, Put In Bay and Canada, and included many exciting brushes with the infamous storms that appear out of nowhere on Lake Erie!   Many summer evenings were spent aboard the “Wanda June” with lots of friends and tons of fun!  These are sails I will never forget…they were the beginning of many fabulous years of sailing with Captain Jon.
 Later, Jon and a partner purchased a 34′ World Cruiser, which was made in Taiwan and commissioned in Long Beach, California.  Over the course of several months, they sailed the Southern California coastline and the Baja Peninsula.  They spent a couple of months in the outer harbor of Cabo San Lucas,  feasting on  fresh marlin steaks (donated by Americans who could not take their huge catch home on the plane that afternoon), and enjoying the comraderie of the sailing community. 

After that came many years of sailing the Southern coast of California, from the ports of San Diego, Long Beach, Marina del Rey, and Newport Beach.  Captain Jon and friends have spent countless wonderful hours sailing into Dana Point, Mission Bay, Avalon, Two Harbors, and los Coronados.

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I’ve been sailing with hubby Captain Jon for 32 years. Our first sail together was also our first date! We started out on Lake Erie on his Catalina 22 and have since sailed the Caribbean, the Sea of Cortez, the Pacific off the coast of Southern California and Baja California Sur. I am wife, friend, first mate, galley slave and travel arranger for Sailsoutherncal. Side by side, Jon and I have faced artillery attacks, violent storms, burning vessels, beautiful sunsets and warm breezes…literally the good, the bad and the ugly! But that’s what has made it all so exciting. I can’t imagine life without sailing. Jon shares this passion and is completely responsible for my love of life aboard a sailboat. Planning our next adventure is almost as much fun as the actual trip itself ! 

Check out our website!  http://sailsoutherncal.com


11 comments on “Who are We?

  1. Wow…how exciting, and what a beautiful story. It’s fun to hear how it all got started! Thanks for sharing your story with us. Memories are what get us through in life, sounds like you have many great ones! Keep on sailing!

  2. Who among us has not had the desire to sail to an exotic island, with good friends, great music and the spectacular sunsets provided by Mother Nature at no additional charge. I have sailed with Captn’ Jon and Alyce more than several times and it is like no other type of vacation thrill. For those who wish to get away from it all and return to the way it has been done for hundreds of years, wish no more and make it come true. Bring a camera and a bucket! The camera is to “freeze the moment” and the bucket is to carry home the memories.

  3. Barb,
    I retired to Phoenix and with lots of time I looked up Jon as one of the nicest guys I have known. Wanted to say hi, Emily Sams

  4. yes, during one of the most difficult periods of my life. I finished college, got married and accepted a job as the head of an activity therapy dept. in a state facility for developmentally disabled. Thought I was invincible I guess. Ended up just giving up and going back to MN. Glad he met you. Looks like you two had a good life together. Its weird to watch someone age in the span of 30 min. You have a new person in your life now. Happy?

    • Yes, very happy. Ed is actually someone I went to high school with and through Facebook became reacquainted. Jon & I asked Ed many times to join us on our sails but it never worked out. We reconnected after Jon passed away and we have pretty much been together nonstop since July, 2014!

      Did you get remarried? I vaguely remember some paperwork Jon had to sign so you could…

  5. Yes 10 years later. Very pregnant at the time. How do you live in AZ and sail in CA. It is my first year in AZ and I run around screaming “What have I done?” Computer has been down

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