Inside (a bag going on a sailing trip)

You may be wondering, what do I pack besides shorts, t-shirts and swimsuits for a Caribbean sailing adventure? Take a peek at what I’ve assembled here. I have cards, an inverter, mask and snorkel, passport, clothespins, waterproof camera, IPod and portable speakers, phone charger, waterproof bags, a book, a notebook computer, a marine band radio, and more! And all of it all fits neatly inside my backpack, which is another essential to take on sailing trips because I use it when I go ashore. It holds much more than a purse, and my hands are free to carry more!



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Now THIS is a Party!

Every full moon, there is a fabulous, family-friendly get together at Trellis Bay, near the Beef Island Airport, on the  British Virgin Island of Tortola.  Sculptured balls are aflame… there are fire jugglers (don’t try this at home!), a Caribbean buffet, Moko Jumbie dancers, reggae bands, and tons of frivolity.  It is one jolly good time!   Check out the full moon party at Trellis Bay…see a video of it here.  Oh yeah, and if you can’t make it to a party for the full moon, at least go outside and look at it…once in a blue moon!