Happy New Year from Sailsoutherncal!

May the New Year bring you peace, prosperity, purposefulness, plentitude and pleasure, along with fair winds and good health!

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading about our sails, and that you continue to keep up with our posts in 2013. In fact, why not come sailing with us and actually be the star of our posts?


Warp Speed- or so it Seems!

Our last stop on the California trip last week was Long Beach.  We needed to make a delivery to our sailing club and also wanted to meet the owner of one of the catamarans in the fleet.  Mission accomplished!  We not only met the owner, but he invited us aboard and then asked if we wanted to go sailing.  Well, OF COURSE!!  What else would we say?

The winds were favorable and we reached speeds of almost 9 knots!  There were whitecaps and the rollers were between 3 and 5 feet during most of our afternoon of sailing.  The cat maintained an even keel and not once did anyone feel like we were cruising faster than 2 or 3 knots.  It’s for this reason that I LOVE catamarans!

We left Rainbow Harbor and sailed all the way down to Huntington Beach (and beyond) before turning around.  It was cold, and threatened to rain, but it was still clear enough to see Santa Catalina Island.  Had we set our course in that direction, we could have been there in record time… Even though it was was a chilly December day, it was great fun.  Thank you Bruce for the fabulous day of sailing!

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