We’ve Been Having Fun all Summer Long!

We’ve had a lot of fun over the past few months…Catalina, San Diego, Caribbean, Ohio,and Michigan, and of course, here at home. Check out some of the sights here:


Inside (a bag going on a sailing trip)

You may be wondering, what do I pack besides shorts, t-shirts and swimsuits for a Caribbean sailing adventure? Take a peek at what I’ve assembled here. I have cards, an inverter, mask and snorkel, passport, clothespins, waterproof camera, IPod and portable speakers, phone charger, waterproof bags, a book, a notebook computer, a marine band radio, and more! And all of it all fits neatly inside my backpack, which is another essential to take on sailing trips because I use it when I go ashore. It holds much more than a purse, and my hands are free to carry more!



For more ideas on how to pack for a Caribbean sailing vacation, click here. Can you imagine yourself taking a great adventure sail? Check out our website: www.sailsoutherncal.com


This week’s photo challenge is titled “sea.” Following are my visions of the sea. These photos were taken from land, sea, and sky! I hope they’ll inspire you to come sailing with us so you, too, can enjoy the sea!