Inside (a bag going on a sailing trip)

You may be wondering, what do I pack besides shorts, t-shirts and swimsuits for a Caribbean sailing adventure? Take a peek at what I’ve assembled here. I have cards, an inverter, mask and snorkel, passport, clothespins, waterproof camera, IPod and portable speakers, phone charger, waterproof bags, a book, a notebook computer, a marine band radio, and more! And all of it all fits neatly inside my backpack, which is another essential to take on sailing trips because I use it when I go ashore. It holds much more than a purse, and my hands are free to carry more!



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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from Sailsoutherncal LLC!  Wishing you and yours the joy of the season, and all good things for the upcoming new year.

Where the Sea Meets the Sky

Can you tell where the sea meets the sky?  Or can you see a mile high?
My love of sailing is nothing new. It started way back when, with you.
With you I feel the warmth, the breeze; together we sail all our seas.
I love the freedom that wind brings…it fills my heart and makes me sing.
You are my love, my all, my life.  I’m your partner, your sailing wife.
And when we grow old and gray, we’ll know it’s time to sail away!
(written for Jon, with love)