This week’s photo challenge is titled “sea.” Following are my visions of the sea. These photos were taken from land, sea, and sky! I hope they’ll inspire you to come sailing with us so you, too, can enjoy the sea!


One Shot, Two Ways – Puerto Penasco, Mexico Fishing Vessels

Just an hour south of the Arizona border lies what used to be a sleepy little fishing village named Puerto Penasco. The gringos call it Rocky Point. Last week Captain Jon and I drove down there for the first time in twenty years, and I was amazed at the way things had changed. Seven or eight large resorts now loom over what used to be an empty beach The first time I went to Rocky Point, we pitched a tent on that same stretch of sand! Downtown Rocky Point has changed considerably, too. There’s a pier with shops and a restaurant, and a beautiful park overlooking the Sea of Cortez.

However, the fishing vessels look pretty much the same as they did two decades ago. Below is one shot, two ways, of shrimp boats in the Puerto Penasco harbor.


Forward motion

A picture is worth a thousand words. This one, taken in the Pacific Ocean just west of the San Diego harbor, is the perfect image to depict the word “forward.”
The spinnaker (blue and white sail) is full of wind, propelling the sailboat forward. This particular vessel is named “Peligroso,” which translates to dangerous (or hazardous). And if you’re a fellow sailboat in competition with Peligroso (a Kernan 70), look out! You are in peril of losing! This boat has a great history of placing first in its class in races along the western coast of the United States and Mexico.