Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections

Reflections … I took this challenge literally.  Below are three photos where thre reflection is in:  sunglasses, a picture window, and the water.

The photos were taken at Indian Lake, in Ohio, in the San Diego, California harbor, and in the Caribbean.

DSCN4071Indian Lake at sunset…reflected in living room windows.  Note the photographer is also reflected!


Notice the photographer in the reflection?  On board a 50′ catamaran in San Diego Harbor.

DSCN3696Glass like water reflecting transom and dinghy of a catamaran in Oyster Pond, St. Martin.


Where the Sea Meets the Sky

Can you tell where the sea meets the sky?  Or can you see a mile high?
My love of sailing is nothing new. It started way back when, with you.
With you I feel the warmth, the breeze; together we sail all our seas.
I love the freedom that wind brings…it fills my heart and makes me sing.
You are my love, my all, my life.  I’m your partner, your sailing wife.
And when we grow old and gray, we’ll know it’s time to sail away!
(written for Jon, with love)

Weekly Photo Challenge: Thankful

While I am thankful for many things, this post is dedicated to three girls I met when I was 18.  I’m pretty sure they helped me become the person I am today.  I am thankful to have gotten to know each of them –and proud to still consider them friends.  from left to right:  Laura, Brownie, me, MaryAnne

I’m grateful we were able to spend a wonderful weekend together in Mantoloking, New Jersey, BEFORE hurricane Sandy changed the landscape of the New Jersey shoreline forever.  Thank you, Laura, Brownie and MaryAnne, for being my friends!  Let’s get together again soon.  I miss you girls!  XOXO, Barb