Life is good again!

Thanks to reconnecting with a high school chum, my life is back on track. He reached out to me after Jon’s passing. The stars lined up and now we’re together! I couldn’t be happier! Read all about it here.


In Loving Memory-Jon Sams 2/3/1949-2/28/2014

In Loving Memory-Jon Sams 2/3/1949-2/28/2014

This is a photo of our sweet Captain Jon, enjoying Avalon Harbor.

RIP, Jon, love of my life. You were my soul mate, my sailing, skiing, and scuba diving buddy. You were my best friend. We were married just shy of 30 years. Yesterday I was going to write something in commemoration of our 30th wedding anniversary, but was too choked up to write a word.

Sail on, sweetie…I know you’re at peace and smiling on us from your post as captain of my ship of angels.

Love always, your first mate.