Forward motion

A picture is worth a thousand words. This one, taken in the Pacific Ocean just west of the San Diego harbor, is the perfect image to depict the word “forward.”
The spinnaker (blue and white sail) is full of wind, propelling the sailboat forward. This particular vessel is named “Peligroso,” which translates to dangerous (or hazardous). And if you’re a fellow sailboat in competition with Peligroso (a Kernan 70), look out! You are in peril of losing! This boat has a great history of placing first in its class in races along the western coast of the United States and Mexico.


Dreaming of Sailing

I’m a regular follower of a couple of great sailing blogs. The first, Windtraveler, is about a young couple who has sailed most of their lives, and are now fulfilling their dream of cruising the world on their own boat. The other is the story of a couple who knew nothing about sailing and literally went from zero to cruising, which is also the title of their blog!

Both these blogs stir the wanderlust in me. As I sit here contemplating a career move, it’s hard to push aside thoughts of throwing in the towel and joining them on the journey of a lifetime, sailing where ever the winds blow. Alas, obligations are keeping me here for the moment, living in the desert and enjoying the 70 degree winter days…dreaming of my next trip to the Caribbean. I’m counting the days until this spring when we embark on an eight day jaunt in the beautiful, crystal clear waters around the British Virgin Islands.

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