In Loving Memory-Jon Sams 2/3/1949-2/28/2014

In Loving Memory-Jon Sams 2/3/1949-2/28/2014

This is a photo of our sweet Captain Jon, enjoying Avalon Harbor.

RIP, Jon, love of my life. You were my soul mate, my sailing, skiing, and scuba diving buddy. You were my best friend. We were married just shy of 30 years. Yesterday I was going to write something in commemoration of our 30th wedding anniversary, but was too choked up to write a word.

Sail on, sweetie…I know you’re at peace and smiling on us from your post as captain of my ship of angels.

Love always, your first mate.



3 comments on “In Loving Memory-Jon Sams 2/3/1949-2/28/2014

  1. I was so sad to hear the news. I can still hear his voice and contagious laugh! We had some great times, and I hold some dear memories deep in my heart. I am blessed to have had you both in my life! I simply cannot believe he is gone. Now he is with his mom and your dad, and many others! We’ll all meet again one day on the sunny side!! My first sail was with you two, and it was awesome!! He will be missed. I emailed you weeks ago, never heard back. Love you, god bless! Mary.

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