The Baths

There was one special place in the BVIs that I missed on previous trips. It’s an unusual geologic formation known as “The Baths” and it’s located on the southern end of Virgin Gorda. The beach is littered with huge granite boulders that form grottoes.

We were dropped off near shore at one end of The Baths, and our party of four “first timers” explored the caves and the boulders and hiked through the brush on the trail to the other end of The Baths. It was beautifully breathtaking, and the pictures below barely do it justice. It’s one of those “must see” places for anyone visiting the British Virgin Islands. I promise you won’t be disappointed!




















4 comments on “The Baths

  1. WOW! What a magical, pristine place. The sand looks so fine & clean. Can’t wait til I can join you guys on an adventure in the BVIs, it is so luring! XXOO

    • It IS a magical place…so much history in the boulders. It’s amazing to think how many thousands of years it took for the sea to carve out the grottoes. Can’t wait for you to join us again on a sailing adventure, Val! XOXXO, Barb

    • Sorry I could not make this trip. Lets plan one together! Your long lost soulmate from the past – Martin XXOO

  2. I would highly recommend anyone looking for a great sailing experience to take advantage of one of Jon and Barbs trips. I grew up sailing with Jon in his formative years on Lake Erie. Lots of good times on the old Catalina. Anyone who has read some of Barbs sailing stories knows that fun and adventure on the high seas is guaranteed. Jon has achieved almost mythical status for some of his past exploits but they are indeed true. Finally Jon and Barb are truely nice people and great companions for any trip. PS My previous comment is directed to Ms. Symth an old friend from my Phoenix days.

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