From Above…SXM airport

SXM from above

SXM from above

I took this photo of Princess Juliana International Airport (SXM) from above, as we left St. Maartin last May. I’ve heard this is one of the scariest airports in the world. The runway seems a tad too short to handle jumbo jets, yet they do fly in and out of this airport! To meet changing international and local regulations a 150-metre (490 ft) safety extension was required. Despite the reputed difficulties in approach, there have been no records of major incidents at the airport.

Also, planes come in for a landing really low over Maho Beach (Maho is the beach at the lower left of the photo, at the end of the runway). Some people find it fun (although incredibly dangerous) to line the fence at the end of the runway at Maho Beach– when planes take off they are washed with jet blast. Does that sound like fun? Not to ME!!

On the other hand, when we landed and walked into the airport terminal, we were greeted by a live steel band. What a pleasant welcome to St. Maartin! No wonder it’s called the “friendly island!”

SXM from street level

SXM from street level


2 comments on “From Above…SXM airport

  1. Saying that the airport is too short for Jumbo jets, but stating that they do fly into and out of this airport is not a responsible thing to say. Please don’t pass on hearsay evidence. If jets the size of 747s fly into and out of the airport then it is done in a safe and sane manner, regulated by the FAA.

    • Allen, I have changed the posting so as not to offend anyone. There is still no doubt in my mind that it IS a very scary runway! Have you been there yourself? Do you work for the FAA? Why did my post bother you so much?

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