Don’t Forget the Extras!

all the extras...

all the extras…

I’m often asked how I pack for a Caribbean cruise. The clothes and personal items (soap, shampoo, prescriptions, etcetera) are easy. I bring a few shorts, t-shirts, swimsuits, a cover-up, deck shoes and not much else. It’s all the little “extras” that one tends to forget, but if remembered, they make life on a charter that much more fun!

The items in this photo are things I’m taking along with me tomorrow. As you can see, they include the following:
• Beach towel
• Mask & Snorkel
• Hat
• Book
• Video camera
• Marine band radio
• A/C adaptor
• Clothes pins
• Sunglasses
• Ipod & Speaker
• AC/DC Inverter
• Games, cards
• Netbook
• Daypack
• Watertight and assorted ziplock bags
• Guidebook
• Charter papers
• Cell phone
• Chargers
• Spare batteries

I could pack more, and I’m sure I could survive with less, but I’ve sailed on enough week or longer vacations to know that this collection of items will suit me just fine! Things like the hand-held marine band radio make communications with the shore crew possible. When you have forgotten to tell them to pick up that extra 6-pack, and your phone doesn’t work in foreign countries, you can just call them on the radio!

The inverter makes it possible to charge cell phones and cameras without having to run a generator…and of course the notebook computer is to take notes and write blog posts along the way! Provided I have a good internet connection, I’ll be posting something daily. You’re invited to follow along!


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