Lost in the Details


The first thing you see in this picture are four coils on a boat’s deck. They’re called Flemish coils, and many sailors use them to tidy the ship because a coil promotes quick, even drying and prevents kinking. Look at the detail…then look up. Can you tell me the city whose skyline is lost in the details?

As a matter of humorous education, here’s a little ditty written by Lt/C Barry Briggs, S, of the Durham (NC) Power Squadron, which was published in the August 1999 edition of the National Power Squadron magazine, Ensign.

Ode to Rope
As I cast off for that very first time,
The “rope” in my hand has now become “line”.
And hauling the sails to the top of the mast,
That “rope”, now a “halyard” holds strong, taught and fast.
Then sailing in brisk winds full force on a beat.
The sails are trimmed in by that “rope” that’s a “sheet”.
And now at my anchorage with sails safely stowed,
I trust in that “rope” that now serves as a “rode”.
Through all my life I will never lose hope,
Of a reason or time to play with a rope.

-Lt/C Barry Briggs

It’s hard to explain all the terms for “rope” on a boat any better than that!


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