Creative Thinkers can Always Amuse Themselves


Sailors are so creative. They have to be!  Sometimes it’s necessary to think outside the box to fix things that break.  They think of ways to entertain themselves.  We are certainly no exception. One weekend a group of us sailed over to Catalina and had so much fun that we were dreading the end of our sail . We all knew we’d be going back to work and the daily grind once we stepped off the boat and onto the dock.

Jon and I had something up our sleeves! We ordered pizza delivered to the boat, we pulled out the last of the beer from the cooler, and then…Jon produced a bag and told everyone to take one item from it. The crazy hats appeared and there were grins all around!

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Next time you’re in a funk, pull out the crazy hats and see if your mood doesn’t immediately change!



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