I Hear it gets Better

     “I hear it gets better, that’s what they say…as soon as I sail on to Cane Garden Bay.” 

-Jimmy Buffet

As I celebrate this birthday, I am reminded of a place where I would love to be tonight…I remember so clearly back in 1989 the first time I sailed to Cane Garden Bay.  We were a flotilla of two sailboats, a total of 13 people from all over the country, who came together for a fabulous BVI sail.  It was my initial visit to the Caribbean, but it certainly won’t be my last.  I fell in love with the turquoise waters and white sand beaches.  I also loved the diversity of the islands…some look  so completely tropical while others have cacti!   How could you help but love it?

Back to Cane Garden Bay…once you dinghy ashore you can hang out in many different places.   We had so much fun there, having dinner with everyone at one restaurant, and then “bar hopping” the rest of the night.  We jump-danced and wore ourselves out completely.  There was a place with a steel drum band, a country-western bar, and several others. (we danced at all of them)  We walked on the beach, hand in hand in the moonlight.  We toasted each other and our new and old friendships.  That was 23 years ago. 

Fast forward to 2011.  Captain Jon and I were alone in the BVIs when we sailed in to Cane Garden Bay.  We remembered our great time there so many years ago and were anxious to check it out.  This time we dinghied ashore during the day.  We had a quiet lunch and painkiller (famous drink of the BVIs). There were still several places open during the day, but I believe Cane Garden Bay comes alive at night.  Bars and restaurants line the beach, and I cannot wait to go back and explore them all!

Tonight I’m just going to imagine that’s where I am….back in the late 80s, at Cane Garden Bay.  That way, I’ll be 23 years younger, and having fun at one of my personal “happiest places on earth.” (move over Disneyland!)

We’re going back in the spring of 2013–want to join us?  Please leave a comment and I’ll send  you details.

Here’s to you,  and finding YOUR happy place!



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