Mentor Monday- 8.27.12 Blue Moon!

Are you going to be  sailing this coming Friday night?  If so, you’ll be under the light of the “blue moon.”   Do you know what that is? A blue moon is the second full moon in a month, and it happens only once every two or three years.  The last one was in 2010; the next one is in 2015.  Our last full moon was at the beginning of August–that set us up perfectly for a blue moon…the full moon occurs approximately every 29 days so it is not likely we’ll have two full moons in one month. Hence the phrase, “once in a blue moon.” (not very often!!)

But is the blue moon really blue?  Not likely, say the scientists.  It takes a certain atmospheric condition to see a moon with a true bluish hue.  There is a lot more about it out there on the web…but I just wanted to talk about sailing on a full moon.

I won’t be lucky enough to be sailing this Friday night, but I have experienced sailing at night on a full moon.  It is an awesome experience.  The moonlight lights up the ocean, and it feels like you can see for miles, just like during a good daytime sail minus the glare of the sun reflecting off the waves and ripples of the water.

Hopefully YOU will be lucky enough to be sailing on THIS blue  moon…and if so, I hope it’s a fabulous night!  If you’re not sailing, sit back and look at the night sky and know that it’s a special evening…



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