Mentor Monday 8.20.12

So here I am, late on an Monday night, writing a post called Mentor Monday. The idea is to impart a tiny bit of wisdom from my years of experience that you may be able to apply to future sailing trips (or other life experiences).

Here are three essential items to take with you on your next sailing adventure; whether it’s a one day or seven day cruise.

1) water shoes – these are great because you can jump off the dinghy into the surf to drag it ashore, they dry quickly, are comfortable, and provide protection for your feet if you happen upon a rocky beach

2) clothespins – these are handy for closing chip bags, for hanging towels and bathing suits to dry on the boat’s lifelines, and for keeping important receipts or papers held together

3) trashbags and ziplocks – so many uses for these- place your wet or dirty clothes in a garbage bag before packing to go home, put your undies in zippered bags so they wouldn’t fly all over when (and yes, it did happen to me twice recently!) TSA decides to open and go through your carry-on luggage

There is more– come Monday?  Check back again!  I have sooo much more to say!

Here’s to blue skies and brisk breezes-



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