Sailing Isn’t Work!

Usually I’m met with “sailing is so much work, isn’t it?” when I talk about sailing over to Catalina Island, or taking a sailing vacation in the Caribbean.  Well, it can be, if you own a boat and live aboard like fellow sailors over at  and  They write about their lives aboard and the kind of work they lovingly do to keep their floating homes maintained.  That’s nothing more than landlubbers have to do with their homes!

In reality, the sailing part isn’t work; it is pleasure.  There is a thrill in getting somewhere quietly, at a pace that’s determined by Mother Nature and sailing skill.  It is amazing to be moving along at a speed that allows you to see the world…there is time to spot the whale spout or the dolphins jumping playfully  alongside or in front of you.

In sailing, there is knowledge, skill and finesse just as in any other sport.  Sport is the word for it, not work. The definition of sport is: 1. Recreation involving bodily activity, 2. Amusement, 3. Play vigorously.  All these definitions describe sailing!   The activity comes from raising and adjusting the sails, and in trying to keep one’s balance on a constantly moving boat.  The amusement is anything you make of it; sea birds, fish, the silly things people say and do…the list goes on.  And of course, everyone knows that sailors all play vigorously!  After a long day of sailing, the evenings are full of fun and frivolity!  Argh, matey!  Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum!

Check out all the people relaxing, having fun, amusing themselves in the following pictures!  Does anyone look like they are working?

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2 comments on “Sailing Isn’t Work!

  1. Did I spot an old picture of Capt. Jon? 🙂 You are right, sailing is fun and relaxing! If you haven’t done it yet, put it on your TO DO ‘SOON’ list!

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