Kookoo on Coco Puff!

Last weekend Captain Kirk made it possible for a group of  friends to sail on Coco Puff, a 50 foot Prout SW.  That’s a HUGE catamaran for those of you who might be unfamiliar with sailing vessels.  (thank you, Jim!)

 The boat was sailing so fast, in short order, we were almost to Los Coronados Islands, a little over 15 miles south of the San Diego bay, in Mexican waters.   Read about them here.

As ususal, San Diego  bay was full of activity.  There were Navy seal teams, police boats, Coast Guard, F18s doing maneuvers, submarines, cruise ships, sailing regattas, and more.  It’s NEVER boring in the water around San Diego!  So much to see–we were going kookoo on Coco Puff!


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One comment on “Kookoo on Coco Puff!

  1. How Cute…Kookoo on Coco Puff! LOL!! Nice pics! Sailing is awesome…and addicting! Glad to see you went too Alyce!!

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