Indian Lake is a Scene You Should Make

Captain Jon and I did not go sailing over the 4th of July, but we DID spend time on a body of water!  A dear friend invited us to her fabulous Indian Lake house (in Ohio) for an extended weekend.  Cruising around the lake on a pontoon boat satisfied Jon’s thirst for boating.

On the 4th, friends from the Toledo area drove down for the afternoon and then on Thursday, one of Jon’s college roomies and HIS family joined us for an afternoon and evening of frivolity and dinner!  A group of our hosts’ friends arrived at various times throughout the weekend, and twelve of us thoroughly enjoyed the fireworks display on Saturday. They were launched from right across the lake, and we had a front-row view with the fireworks reflecting on the lake.

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  We even celebrated Murphy the dog’s birthday on July 4th…

We had a great time visiting with old friends and meeting new ones!  I even got to see the country’s oldest concrete street!  We found out that being on the water without a sailboat can still be a lot of fun.  Good friends trump a sailboat any day!  Thank you Laura and Dave for being the perfect hosts!


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