Everybody Must Come Sail!

Everytime we meet a new person,  Captain Jon and I get excited and talk about our passion-sailing.  Then we go on to tell about our experiences.  We don’t hold back–we tell the good and the bad.  I think that’s what makes it so intriguing for some people.

It is crazy, but so many people we meet say they have wanted to do it, or they’ve sailed once and want to do it again, or they are a veteran sailor and would just like to sail again because they “know” there is something new ahead. I agree, every day presents a new experience when you are on a boat–that’s half the fun. 

My first experiences with sailing were brief, maybe just a half hour to three hours at most.  I sailed on the Maumee River (NW Ohio), and then Lake Erie.  I got my feet wet, so to speak, and my interest was piqued  by the near misses and the wild excitement of the first ten to twenty times I was on a sailboat.  If those experiences didn’t a) kill me, or b) turn me away from sailing forever, then  I MUST be hooked.

Guess what?  I AM hooked!  Jon keeps asking if he’s gone too far with the sailing thing– he always wants to know if I’m doing it for him or if I really enjoy it.  I know this is just a request for affirmation…he knows I love sailing as much as he does.  I enjoy sailing for the quiet rush of water under the bow, for the time to commune with nature, and for the times shared with others aboard.  That could be time spent cooking and enjoying a meal together, or watching the stars, or just spending time in conversation and getting to know one another as we plot our course and figure out how to get to our next destination. 

Have you taken time out lately to talk to friends and enjoy the scenery?  If not, maybe it’s time to jump aboard a boat and sail with us!  Make time for yourself!   Live your dreams!  Check out www.sailsoutherncal.com



4 comments on “Everybody Must Come Sail!

  1. Yes, sailing is addicting! I’ve only been on two short trips, both with you guys, and both were very pleasurable experiences. 1 bad experience (and I know they exist) may just change my mind, I don’t know, and I don’t want to think about it. So far, it’s been great! I also loved Lee and Mine’s cruise of the Mediterranean – I never knew that I would enjoy being on the water as much as I do – and neither made me sick.

    • All I know is, I used to hate the wind! After living in Flagstaff for a couple of years I swore I’d always hate the wind. Then the first time i went sailing off the California Coast with the Wacke/Sams adventure tours, we motored out of the harbor and came into a pretty crisp breeze. Captain Jon raised the sails and the moment he shut off the motor and the sails caught the wind and we took off, I knew i could never hate the wind again. EVER!!!! Thank you both for this truly life-altering event.

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