Never Make a Date with a Sailor – Part Four

It had been over 30 hours since I left my hometown of Toledo, Ohio for this “ride of my life.”  I have already traveled by car, plane, ferry and bus.  I came to Mexico to relax on a sailboat and so far have only been aboard one boat which was definitely NOT the one I envisioned for my pleasant holiday! Also, I was still having trouble believing I hadn’t yet seen Jon and that I had already covered more territory than I had ever traveled at one time in all my 20-something years.  Around every corner was another surprise.  I almost dreaded what would happen next!

The taxi driver didn’t speak English.  Phil and Mary were in their own little world in the back seat, oblivious to me.  I mustered up my best accent from my one year of high school Spanish, pointed to things along the road and said, “como se dice ________?”  (cows, cars, saguaro cacti, etcetera)   Believe it or not, by the end of the ride, I emerged speaking nothing but Spanish! Throw yourself into a situation where you must learn a language in order to communicate, and you DO!

The road started out paved, two lane, and not so bad.  Darkness was approaching so I didn’t see it getting curvy, hilly, and progressively worse along the way.  All I knew was that this was the beginning of a LONG trip!  The taxi driver stopped several times and did something in the trunk.  I was hoping he was drinking coffee to stay awake, and not alcohol!  I did see not one but TWO spare tires in the trunk and thought, “I wonder why two extra tires?”  My imagination was running wild.  Where was this man taking us?  Did HE know where he was going?  How long was it going to be?  Would I EVER find Jon? The answers to all this and more…in the next installment!

Enjoy some pictures of the towns and road conditions along the way…

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2 comments on “Never Make a Date with a Sailor – Part Four

  1. You’re brave, because by then I would not be asking myself if I would ever see Jon, it would be like thinking ok…Jon’s dead, and now they’re leading us far away to kill us too!

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