Never Make a Date with a Sailor – Part Three

Note:  if you haven’t already read them, please click here for Part One or here for Part Two

The ferry docked in Cabo San Lucas after the nearly 18 hour passage.  Again I thought to myself, “Okay, THIS is where I’m going to see Jon because, as Phil had said, Jon and the boat were far away.  Again, I was bitterly disappointed. 

No one was at the ferry dock to meet us.  Instead, Phil led us to the bus station.  We boarded a bus already filled with families and chickens (quite like the ferry we had just left) on its way to La Paz.  Though only 99 miles, the trek was a grueling four hours because we stopped along the way to pick up and drop off passengers at cross roads, in front of houses, and at legitimate bus stops.  The bus was stiflingly hot and smelly and looked like a circus with its fringe and beads and statues hanging from the visors and front windshield.  I had no experience with this kind of travel.  On top of that, the road was narrow and the bus swayed a bit too much around corners.  More than once I thought we would tip over.  I was so grateful to get off that bus!  But I didn’t see Jon at the bus station!  Where could he be?  Would I EVER see him again? 

Once in La Paz, Phil hurried us along, as he “knew someone” who was going to help us.  He told Mary and me to wait while he stepped inside a building.  After a few minutes he emerged, and led us up the street to an outdoor restaurant.  The three of us sat down and ordered drinks and food (excellent seafood, as I recall!) …it appeared we were waiting for someone.  After an hour or so, two men walked up to the table.   They spoke in a mix of Spanish and English, and after some negotiating with Phil, an agreement was made.  We left the restaurant with our bags and piled into a taxi cab. 

Certainly it wouldn’t be far now!  Again I was sadly mistaken.  When I saw three spare tires in the trunk of the taxi it became obvious we were in for a long ride.  Little did I know the extent, or the condition of the roads we were about to travel!  Nor did I realize that the cab ride was going to be 300 American dollars!  But believe me, it was worth every penny.  It was the ride of my life.  (Which you will hear about in the next installment of Never Make a Date with a Sailor!!)

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