Never Make a Date With a Sailor Part One

As my twenty-eighth wedding anniversary approaches, I’ve been reminiscing about my sailing experiences with my wonderful hubby, Captain Jon.  There are so many great memories!  I can finally I publish one story in particular, now that my dad has passed away.  He was such a worry wort that I was afraid hearing this story would have done him in prematurely!

My first real blue water trip was surely one to remember.  Wow…was it ever!  Even though it was more than  30 years ago (ahem!  I keep telling people I’m 39, so this trip must have taken place when I was eight or nine!), it seems like it was just yesterday.

Having enjoyed sailing on Lake Erie together for years, Captain Jon and a friend named Phil decided to buy a boat with high hopes of starting a charter business between California and Mexico.  They went to a boat show in Cleveland and decided on a 34 foot center cockpit Formosa.  This boat with beautiful teak decks and cabins was built in Taiwan,shipped to the United States, and was commissioned in Long Beach.

After several months and lots of money (a new sailboat comes with NOTHING included!), “Fantasia” (Spanish for fantasy, pronounced fan-ta-see-a) was put in the water.  Jon and Phil set course for Mexico, and Mary (Phil’s girlfriend) and I made plans to meet up with them in Puerto Vallarta a month or so later.  We purchased roundtrip tickets and anxiously waited for the dream vacation… sailing with our men.

Have you heard the phrase “never make a date with a sailor?” It’s true, believe me!  Mary and I landed in Puerto Vallarta and were met by at the airport by Phil, who said, “Jon’s with the boat” and that we would see him in a couple of days. I kept thinking he was kidding when he said the boat was a long way away.  Surely my boyfriend was just playing one of his tricks on me, and would be around the next corner.

After grabbing our overstuffed suitcases, Phil showed us to an old Toyota and he drove us to a marina.  I thought, okay, Jon’s going to be here and Phil made up a story to add to the anticipation.  We got out of the car and went to a boat that I knew was NOT the brand new Fantasia.  It was a crusty old boat with jerry cans strapped to the lifelines, and it had signs of many nautical miles under her bow.  Phil asked permission to come aboard, and we were greeted by…you guessed it!

NOT JON!  And though I hoped he would be below deck waiting for me, that wasn’t the case, either.  One more disappointment.  The journey was just beginning…

Come back for the rest of the story to unfold…until then, enjoy pictures of the Fantasia being commissioned

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By Barb Reams Posted in Mexico

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