Cruisin’ Lake Erie

Going to Ohio last weekend and spending time on Put in Bay sure brought back good memories.  Jon and I used to sail over to Put in Bay from Toledo on his 22 ft Catalina, the “Wanda June.”  This time, however, we took the Miller Ferry and oh, what a ride it was!  There were gusts up to 50 mph, and the waves were 8-10 feet.  The ferry rocked and rolled, and water washed over the people and cars.  It was quite the wild ride!   For a glimpse, click on this : video.

Our destination was a beautiful and quaint little bed and breakfast called English Pines.  Doug, the innkeeper was superb in meeting all our crazy needs.  You see, we were there with about 30 friends from all over the country, and we basically took over the B&B!   We had a beautiful outdoor patio and front porch (too bad it was so darned cold, windy and sometimes rainy!)   There was also a meeting room indoors where we spent alot of time when not outdoors or out cruising Put in Bay on our rented golf carts.  The weather didn’t stop THIS group from having a great time.

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Being there brought back so many memories…it’s like the Martha’s Vineyard of Lake Erie, nestled among other small islands.  Almost all of them have wineries (past and present) on them.  The homes are beautiful, and the lush greenery and trees starting to don their beautiful fall colors abound.  Everyone had decorated for Halloween- ghosts were flying in trees in many front yards!  If there weren’t ghosts, there were pumpkins and beautiful mums of all colors. 

Most of us at our little Anthony Wayne High School  class reunion grew up going to this island.  We would either sail or take power boats, the ferry, or even fly with our parents on the old “Tin Goose” airplanes (now pretty much extinct).  We would drink at the Round House Bar, or just hang out in the park on the lake. 

Jon is preparing a full-blown video for those who did (and did not) join in the fun fulled weekend…and if you want to sailsoutherncal with Captain Jon, be sure to let us know!

Thank you again to the committee for putting this together — for your scouting mission, the candles, the presents, etc.  Please know we ALL appreciated your efforts–Ann, Jim, Deb and Jan…forgive me if I forgot anyone.  THANK YOU from all of us!

Also, for more information about Put in Bay and its historic significance, click on this link to vist the Perry’s Monument website:  click here.


3 comments on “Cruisin’ Lake Erie

  1. It all sounds so nice! Lee and I wish we could have been there. I’m sure Lee would have loved reconnecting with everyone once again. What a charming place – looks so inviting. I recognize quite a few of those faces, and am glad I got to meet them in Ohio. What a nice group of friends ya’ll make!

    Well, again..sorry we missed out on the BIG CHILL weekend, but we’ll catch the next one! (let’s not wait too long though!) Thanks for the posting and great pics!


  2. Mary, It would have been a whole lot better if you and Lee (Les) could have been there. Maybe next summer or the year after we’ll do it again.


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