Sailing San Diego with Captain Jon!

Our Labor Day weekend was so great, I had to share this video.  Our dear friend Laura made it to document what a wonderful time she had on board with us.  Click here to see for yourself! 

We spent a night at the luxurious Mission Bay Hyatt dock, sailed with the tall ships and some of the America’s Cup boats, enjoyed a beautiful tour of the San Diego Bay, and much more. 

Thank you captain and crew: 

  • Captain Jon – Waterville, OH
  • First Mate Alyce – Ottawa Hills, OH
  • Herb Fair – Austin,Texas
  • Marian Fair – Scottsdale, AZ
  • Laura Myers – St. Louis, MO
  • Terry Green – Waterville, OH
  • Mary Bortel – Washington, DC
  • Lee Bortel – Waterville, OH

Wshing you an “uncloudy day,”

BA Sams


2 comments on “Sailing San Diego with Captain Jon!

  1. NO….thank YOU! We had a great time! It couldn’t have happened without you and the Capt.
    We love you…can’t wait to sail to Catalina next time! YAHOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Hope we get the same crew members for that trip!

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