Another great weekend

I am sorry to see the end of another great weekend.  What a great time we all had!  Good friends, good wine, good food, good sailing, good weather.  It can’t get any better than that! 

We were able to see the tall ships,  naval ships, big ships, little ships.  We even saw a few of the America’s Cup ships from years gone by.  Now I remember why I love sailing in San Diego Harbor–it’s always alive with activity. 

Thank you to Laura, Terry, Mary, Lee, Marian, Herb, Sharon, Jim, Jon and BETTY for making this such a special weekend! 

-B. Alyce Sams


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4 comments on “Another great weekend

  1. It was an incredible weekend of sailing the high seas off the California Coast! Our thanks to Captain Jon and Alyce for their on-board hospitality and another long list of great memories to last for many years ahead. It was good to spend more time for conversation with our shipmates (crew) and friends. Hopefully, we can do a Catalina voyage (or some other exotic destination) in the months ahead. Ahoy!! Lee & Mary

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