Carly Simon sang a song that some may know as the “ketchup song”…”Anticipation.”  I love that song.  “Anticipation…is making me wait…it’s keeping me waiting…” 

That’s exactly how I feel the few days, nights, hours before we go sailing.  The anticipation is keeping me waiting….and I can’t wait for the fun to begin!

These past few days we’ve been busy renovating our home but we need the break that is coming tomorrow.  A nice, short sail in the beautiful waters surrounding San Diego.  We’re looking forward to a nice sail out of the harbor and around Point Loma up to Mission Bay, where we’ll watch the Sea World fireworks from the comfort of our own vessel.  I am so excited to see those fireworks again!  We haven’t sailed the San Diego area for almost four years!  Woo Hoo~  And we’ll be with good friends~  I can’t think of a better way to spend a holiday weekend!

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Here’s to a safe, happy and fun Labor Day weekend to all!

Alyce ( B.A. Sams)


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