The Phoenix heat CAN be beat! Sail San Diego!

For the past few days Phoenix has been nearly breaking temperature records.  Today it was 116 degrees.  This is supposed to be the END of the summer!

It’s okay, though.  I have something to look forward to–an end of summer sail in the beautiful San Diego Harbor.  The nights will be a cool sixty-something degrees, and during the day it will be in the seventies.  Now that’s something I can enjoy!  It will really be a nice break from the hot nights, haboob-type dust storms and the sweltering summer days.  It’s so hot, some people say you can fry an egg on the sidewalk here in Phoenix.   I’d rather do my cooking in the galley of a nice big sailboat with a salon full of hungry friends.

So I’m packing my bag,  dusting off a sweatshirt and long pants, and getting ready to SailSouthernCal!   The pictures below are from previous trips to San Diego harbor.  Enjoy!

Here’s to fair winds- B.A.Sams

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