You just never know…what (or who) you’ll see…

Some days are unbelievable!  These past few days have fallen into that category.  On our sail over to Catalina Island from Long Beach, we saw a whale.  It is not the time of year for whale migration, so we were surprised.  And he was a finback whale!

Next we ran into an elderly couple who struck up a conversation with us at the water taxi stand.  We were waiting to return to our sailboat after spending some time shopping on shore.  They told us how they had spent the previous evening at an interesting home on the hill, owned by the wealthiest man on the island.  Names and stories about actors and directors led us to believe he had been quite comfortable in that arena for decades.  When asked if he was an actor, he said, “yes…do you recognize the name Eli Wallach?”  Well, of course!  Think “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly” or “The Magnificent Seven!”  CLASSICS!    I discreetly snapped a picture of him on the shoreboat (water taxi) as we were pulling up to our boat.  He was quite a character, and very amicable!

Later that day, Jon and Jim were out on deck having a late night cocktail when they saw a shooting star! 

It was just one of those days that could not be topped!  I guess the Lady Luck was lucky for US!  Also, look at the crane we saw when we returned to Rainbow Harbor…[slidesh

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Here’s to Lady Luck!  ~B.A. Sams



One comment on “You just never know…what (or who) you’ll see…

  1. WOW! Now, THAT was an incredible saling adventure. “Motor boats, we don’t need no stinking motor boats!” On the Lucky Star, with a movie star, watching a shooting star…pretty cool! A fantastic weekend on an exotic island! Aye, Aye Captin’ !!

    Love, Lee & Mary

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