Sunny Southern California…

There’s no better way to escape the unbearable  heat at this time of year than to hop on board a boat and sail to Catalina!   It’s easy to forget about the heat when you wake up and it’s 65 degrees, or you  jump into the cool (and I mean brisk!) Pacific ocean.  Add the beauty of Avalon Harbor to the mix and you have the perfect get-away!  Take a look at some pictures and see if you don’t agree.

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3 comments on “Sunny Southern California…

  1. I can’t wait until we can finally make a sailing trip with you!!! One day soon I hope!! I love the picture of the seals!!! Are they NAVY SEALS?

  2. Yes, they are NAVY seals, but not Seal Team Six…they’re too public for them to be part of that team!
    Actually, I think they’re gray, not navy!

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