>And the fun begins!


breakfast time


After waking early and having breakfast at our hotel, we took a cab to TMM Yacht Charters.  Our bags were unloaded from the cab and placed neatly on the dock.  We were waiting patiently for our approval to board the Martha R when it started to rain.  We quickly hurled our gear onto the Martha R and sat in the bimini covered cockpit, only to continue waiting patiently to officially start our cruise.  Jon and I were turning into limp noodles.  We had just gone from 5% humidity in Phoenix to 75% (and climbing) in Road Harbor. 
At 11am (30 minutes early!) our provisions arrived, and so did Sam, who was going to give Captain Jon the lowdown on the vessel and her operation. (Sam was one and a half hours late)  We had it timed so the captain’s meeting would be complete before the provisions arrived.  Suffice it to say, that didn’t work out so Susan and I put away the provisions while Jon and Jeff learned about the boat.
the calm before the storm

Once that chaotic flurry of activity was over, we had to go out on a little cruise with Sam so he could show us the operation of the main sail.  His timing was impeccable…it started blowing at 20 knot gusts, and it started to rain!  It was a virtual monsoon–Jon, Sam and I were all drenched while Susan and Jeff took cover in the main salon.  I have never had my eyes so full of salt water!  On the positive side, we were now cooled off and humidity was no longer a problem!

That craziness ended as quickly as it began, Sam jumped off the boat, and we started out on our adventure…


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