>Day One in the BVIs…the beginning

>We took a Cessna 402 from San Juan to Beef Island. (Tortola’s airport)  I was a bit frightened at first but then actually enjoyed it because the view was so spectacular!

The plane was tiny; everyone’s luggage fit in the nose or in the wing!  Good thing we didn’t overpack!!  And it’s critical that they know the weight on the plane so each piece of luggage was weighed and each passenger had to declare his/her true weight.  Now that’s incentive to drop a few pounds! 

Our luggage, about to be loaded onto the plane
This might give you a feel of just how TINY the plane was!

A couple of cruise ships in port

Just take a look at the color of the water!  Beautiful!

“We’re going to land on THAT?”

Landed…with plenty of runway left!  HA!

And the story begins…


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