>Sailing = Smiling


A happy crew

Why would I rather be sailing? There is nothing else like it!  The feel of the wind on your cheek and the whooshing sound of water under the hull as your boat is propelled forward are just two of the senses that fascinate me.  On a warm sunny day with a stiff breeze, it all seems effortless.  Whenever I tell people about sailing, their first comment is “It is so much work!”  These are the uninformed who have not experienced the subtle silent strength of the wind! 

Hanging out on the deck is the perfect conclusion to a great day.  One of our favorite spots is Avalon Harbor.  It’s a great place to people watch on a summer evening.  The harbor is alive with water taxis carrying passengers ashore or back to their vessels after dining or shopping in the quaint town.  Kids jump in thier kayaks or dinghys and row or motor around to get a closer look at the beautiful boats.  Everyone is happy and willing to share a quick hello or a tale of the day’s fishing or sailing.   

Avalon Harbor, Santa Catalina Island, CA
Sightseeing on the dinghy

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