One of many carts of provisions on a recent sail!

Provisioning is the fine balance of stocking the ship’s galley with  just enough of everything you need or want to eat and drink for the amount of time you are out at sea.  If you buy too little, you go hungry.  If you buy too much, you waste food.
Today I am ordering from a grocery store in Tortola for our upcoming eight day sail. This is a bit tough because I usually don’t decide what to make for dinner until the same day, causing frequent trips to buy a missing ingredient.
I’m up for the challenge of planning and buying for the entire week!  We are going to do “split provisioning.”  That means we’ll eat most of our meals on the boat and a few dinners ashore enjoying the local cuisine.  We’ll have easy breakfasts so we can quickly embrace the day’s adventures.  Then for lunch, we’ll take a break with salad and fruit plus a sandwich.  In the evening there will be gourmet dinners featuring Cornish game hens, lamb chops or grilled fish.  Of course we’ll have happy hour with snacks of cheese and crackers or healthy veggies and dips to accompany our cocktails! 

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